Bruxelles – Paris – Regenerative Innovation – Webinar June 24 – 6 pm Paris Time

Regenerative Innovation – Webinar June 24 – 6 pm Paris Time

Jean-Paul Gueneau MussyJean-Paul Gueneau de Mussy is a Chilean citizen, living in Brussels, who holds a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering as well as an MBA from Vlerick Business school.

In his research and engagement with both academics and enterprises Jean-Paul became more and more persuaded of the urgency to innovate for the future of our planet and economy.

He has piloted numerous projects on circular innovation collaborating with renown partners such as KU Leuven university in Belgium.
Gradually his various engagements with industries concerned with positive growth in sectors that have strong environmental impact (pharma, chemicals, packaging, textiles, mining, recycling, construction, energy storage, green energy) led him to promote the concept of “regenerative innovation”.

In this interactive webinar Jean-Paul, using numerous examples, will explain what regenerative innovation actually means and what corporations, SMEs and start-ups can do to contribute to a fairer, cleaner and more prosperous future.

In an economy 8,6% circular and where we have surpassed consumption of 100 billion tons materials every year, our speaker will highlight why we need to embrace innovation to contribute to a more inclusive and fairer economic growth. Jean-Paul will also demonstrate how digital technologies can enable this transformation.

You will have opportunities to engage, exchange and ask questions on the various used cases.
In the InExAct spirit of PinkInnov be ready to apply regenerative innovation at home and at work.

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