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Our Mission

Pink Innov’ is a network of female and male innovators. Our ambition is to explain, to illustrate and to animate innovation through a concrete application in our companies. We observe what is currently happening, we contribute our own analysis, we enable exchanges of perspectives and opinions, and we organise workshops to build innovation in a maker mindset. We bring pragmatic answers to our members through an academic watch, presentations of exciting start-ups or inspiring corporations, and sharing of learnings as well as workshops on use cases and innovation hands-on.

Our values

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Maker Mindset

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Sharing Mindset

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Our IN-EX-ACT Workshops

Innovating by learning and making

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Sustainable Innovation Survey

The evolution of innovation practices in your organization

The Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has changed the global economy dramatically. We are facing high uncertainty with adverse effects on our organizations. The current situation is fundamentally challenging firms’ business models and corporates responsibility in innovation. However, it also could create new opportunities.

1.The purpose of this 15-minutes survey is to identify the “Post-COVID-19”evolution of companies’ innovation practices. It embraces all forms of innovation (technical, social, managerial, environmental, business models, etc) independently of their value or scope. Our survey objectives are to focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in innovation and to collect the many innovative initiatives emerging from your organization to better understand this evolution.

2.This survey, developed by Pink Innov’ and researchers from Kedge Business School, asks questions for an international observatory of “responsible” innovation practices. It will be completed with in-depth firms case studies approach in various countries, leading to joint publications and events.

3. We invite you to complete this 15-minute survey as soon as possible. We thank you for forwarding it within your organization and your network or to anyone who deals with an innovation role.

Preferred return date: 2/28/2021

Thank you for helping us to better understand your vision or perspective on “responsible innovation”.

All the best,


Biomim’expo 2021

A partir du 3 septembre 2021 Pink Innov’ est partenaire de Biomim’expo. L’incroyable programme en préparation : Période certes toujours incertaine et improbable, mais pourtant


Blue Ocean Awards 2021 le 11 mai 2021

Pour la 7ème année consécutive Pink Innov’, représenté par Hélène Campourcy, sa présidente et fondatrice, est membre du jury des Blue Ocean Awards national et


Pink Innov' Publication

The pink side of the force - Women at the heart of innovation

About 15 women who are leaders in companies or entrepreneurs explore how women and men together bring to an enterprise in general but more specifically : team spirit, determination, audacity, optimism, free thinking, so many qualities that are not valued in a “man made” world and yet women proudly carry high as a flag. Through a series of testimonials and reflections they re-inforce the obvious : perform and stay human, it is not only possible but increasingly necessary to innovate in an harmonious and durable way.

Livre Le côté rose de la force Pink Innov

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