Pink Innov’ Singapore – Kopi and French croissant to discover Jugaad

September 14 from 9am till 10am 

Extraordinary times triggered new behaviours. We had to be creative to adapt to unusual situations. We all remember the home made masks or factories reverting to producing antibacterial gel. We have all practiced “jugaad”. Here is a reminder of the definition of jugaad : ” a colloquial Hindi, Bengali, Marathi जुगाड, Punjabi, Sindhi and Urdu word, which refers to a non-conventional, frugal innovation, often termed a “hack”. It could also refer to an innovative fix or a simple work-around, a solution that bends the rules, or a resource that can be used in such a way.”

It has now developed into an innovation science taught in the best business schools.
To kick-off its last 2021 term Pink Innov is very proud to invite you to  a Jugaad morning coffee for us in Europe and a green tea or a chai in Singapore on September 14 from 9am till 10am CET hosting Anuprita Bhomick —— your title, short bio and pic. Don’t be shy !!!!!! 
We will deep dive into the origins of Jugaad with incredible examples (be ready for a bit of a laugh) and how it is now applied.

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Anuprita Bhomick, is head of Customer Experience at Google in Singapore. She also regularly teaches various business programs at Nanyang Business School in Singapore. Anuprita holds multiple degrees in prestigious universities among which Stanford University and INSDEAD. She is an inspiring female leader with an impressive career in major technology companies. She is very committed to supporting other women in achieving their own success. She loves Europe where she made numerous trips as her daughter is a Cambridge student. She is keen on keeping a healthy work/life balance.

Pink Innov is very lucky to get one hour of Anuprita’s time who is a highly demanded speaker.

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